Door Access Request Process

Please be aware that new access requests may take up to 5–7 business days to be programmed. Once you submit a door access request, here is what to expect next:

  1. Your request will be reviewed by the Door Access team.
    1. If you are requesting access for yourself, your supervisor will be asked to verify and authorize your request.
    2. If you are the recipient's supervisor, your initial request will serve as your access approval.
    3. All requests for access to high-risk locations will be directed to the appropriate individuals for approval.
    4. If your request is for a registered visitor, Door Access will verify with Human Resources that a successful background check is complete.
  2. Upon completion of the step above, a Door Access technician will program the requested access on your Talon Card (KSU ID) or fabricate a new hard key. Please note that some doors may require the technician to program your access at the door.
  3. After electronic access has been granted, or the physical key has been fabricated, you will receive a confirmation email from Door Access acknowledging completion of your request. 
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