Door Access Announcements

Electronic Locks Upgrade

Door Access is upgrading the electronic locks (legacy Onity and Lenel) for more than forty buildings on the Kennesaw Campus during the 2018-19 academic year. The new SALTO lock system utilizes a HotSpot infrastructure and provides improved security. The system has enhanced technical capabilities that will meet the door access needs of the campus community more efficiently while also enabling the Door Access team to process new requests for access credentials more promptly.

What to expect at each upgrade location:

  1. The Door Access team will visit each building to confirm which doors have existing Onity or Lenel locks. The site visit results will be reviewed and discussed with the building’s point of contact.
  2. The new locks and hardware will be ordered, which is approximately an eight week lead time.
  3. Current building access will be reviewed with the building’s point of contact, and any access changes will be communicated to the staff.
  4. Installation of the new locks and HotSpots will be scheduled with Facilities, the contractor and the building’s point of contact.
  5. Updated door access for the building will be implemented, and Door Access staff will be on site to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues that arise.
  6. If you run into an issue opening the exterior door with your ID card, please visit the Talon One Service Center to troubleshoot the concern.

HotSpot Update

The Door Access department is excited to announce that you may now update your Talon Card (KSU ID) at a HotSpot every seven days rather than every four days as previously required. If you do not update your card at a HotSpot/card reader to authenticate your door access rights and update your card with your access privileges, they will expire after seven days. To reactivate your access privileges, you just need to update your card at a HotSpot.