Faculty and Staff Door Access

Types of Employee Door Access

    • Door access is automatically provided to all faculty based on the room information noted in Banner. These permissions are granted and terminated in alignment with the academic schedule each semester to ensure every faculty member is able to access the classroom where they are scheduled to teach.
    • This access is only granted to the professor(s) assigned to the course in Banner.
    • If the Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant is paid by HR, access is to be requested by the supervisor or department sponsor in Kissflow.
    • If the Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant is not paid by HR or does not appear in Kissflow, the supervisor or department sponsor should email dooraccess@kennesaw.edu with the following information:
      • Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant's full name
      • Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant's KSU ID number
      • Details about the access needed, including the date for removal
    • Door access is to be requested in Kissflow by the student employee's supervisor.
    • Employee access is not removed unless it is requested by the department, the employee moves to another department at KSU or the employee separates from the University.
  • If you change roles and/or move to a new department at KSU, please email dooraccess@kennesaw.edu or call 470-578-6726 for assistance with updating your door access.
  • Hosting an event on campus? Once your reservation is complete, please forward reservation confirmation to dooraccess@kennesaw.edu.

Submitting an Access Request

Submit a Request iconStep One

Submit a request by logging in to the door access request portal. Make sure to select the "Sign in with Single sign-on" option to log in.

Analyze Requst iconStep Two

Upon submission, the system will analyze your request and send automated emails to the designated approver (see below for more information about the approval process).

Request Processing iconStep Three

Once all necessary approvals have been received, a Door Access technician will program the requested access on your Talon Card (KSU ID) or fabricate a new hard key.

Confirmation Email iconStep Four

After electronic access has been granted, or the physical key has been fabricated, you will receive a confirmation email from Door Access acknowledging completion of your request.

Helpful Hints About Request Approvals

    • If you are requesting access for yourself, your supervisor will be asked to verify and authorize your request.
    • When requesting access to your departmental areas, you should use the pre-built Access Groups when possible.
    • Submit requests for each individual separately. All requests require at least one approver. To ensure one person’s access is not held up by another person’s approval, it is recommended to only put one person on each request.
    • When requesting access to your departmental areas, you should use the pre-built Access Groups when possible.
    • If your request is for a registered visitor, Door Access will verify with Human Resources that a successful background check is complete.
  • All requests for access to elevated-risk locations will be directed to the appropriate individuals for approval after supervisor approval has been received.
  • What is a delegate approver?

    A supervisor or elevated-risk approver can delegate their approval duties to a specific individual for an individual request or for all future requests.

    How do I set up a one-time delegate approver?

    To reassign approval for an individual request, please follow the instructions for Reassigning a Task in the Navigation for Approvers Guide.

    How do I set up a delegate approver for all future requests?

    To reassign all future approvals, please follow the instructions for Delegating Tasks in the Navigation for Approvers Guide.