Door Access Info and Permissions

Types of Door Access Issued

Kennesaw State University has electronic and mechanical doors on both campuses.

    • Electronic access permissions are provisioned via your Talon Card (KSU ID).
    • Mechanical access is issued via physical keys.
    • Keys for doors on both the Kennesaw and Marietta Campuses may be picked up at the Talon One Service Center on each respective campus.
    • The requester must present a valid Talon Card (KSU ID) or other government-issued photo identification to pick up keys.

Door Access Permissions

    • KSU employees, including but not limited to full-time, part-time, student assistants, interns and research assistants, hired through applicable Human Resources processes, KSU students actively enrolled in classes, and KSU affiliates, who complete the Registered Visitor process, are eligible for electronic or mechanical door access to be used on the Kennesaw and Marietta Campuses.
    • Door access is conditional and only granted after the appropriate approvals are received for the permissions requested.
    • By receiving door access, each person and their supervisor, sponsor, or delegate approver affirms that this admittance is required to conduct business as necessitated by their position/role with the University. By accepting door access rights, each person agrees to:
      • Safeguard their Talon Card (KSU ID) to maintain the security of the campus building or area that the door opens.
      • Protect their Talon Card from theft or loss.
      • Not loan or allow any other individual to use their Talon Card for entry.
      • Assure that doors are locked after entering or leaving.
      • Assume responsibility for the conduct of any person they allow to enter a locked facility.
      • Immediately notify the Talon One Service Center if their Talon Card is lost or stolen.  
  • Every KSU facility has been assigned a security level and the necessary approvals required to obtain access to these locations.

    Universal Locations

    • Universal locations consist of general classrooms, labs, meeting spaces, etc. 
    • Access to these spaces is granted to all faculty and full-time staff employed by the University, and no additional approvals are necessary. All other affiliates can receive access with approval by their supervisor, sponsor or delegate approver.

    Standard Locations

    • By default, all campus facilities are classified as a Standard Location.
    • Approval by a person’s supervisor, sponsor or delegate approver is required for access to Standard Locations.

    Elevated Risk Locations

    • Elevated Risk locations are secured with an electronic lock that can be audited and contain one or more of the following: hazardous materials or equipment, financial assets, sensitive data, significant physical assets, or University infrastructure.
    • Approval by a person’s supervisor, sponsor or delegate approver and from a designated authority for the Elevated Risk location as identified by Door Access are both required for access.
  • Door access is granted by Kennesaw State University and is subject to review and regular auditing. KSU reserves the right to deny or revoke access privileges.