Electronic Locks

The University currently utilizes three types of electronic locks that are unlocked using your ID card: Salto (in use on both the Kennesaw and Marietta campuses), Lenel and Onity (both Lenel and Onity are in use only on the Kennesaw campus).

Your KSU ID Card

Your access privileges- what doors you are allowed to open- are stored on your KSU ID card. When you present your KSU ID card to an electronic card reader/lock your card is ‘read’- either using wireless RFID technology (where you hold your card near the card reader or lock), or using a magnetic stripe reader (where you insert your card into a slot on the body of the electronic lock)- and you are granted or denied access to a door based your approved access privileges. The Department of Public Safety manages access control for the University.

Keyed Locks

The Locksmith Shop services both electronic and keyed locks within the University (except for Housing areas). If you need a hard key (a physical key cut from a metal blank) the Locksmith Shop may be the source for that key (if a key already exists it may simply be assigned and given to you by your supervisor or checked out through your supervisor as needed). The Locksmith Shop also typically provides or arranges for repair and certain maintenance services for keyed locks, electronic access control hardware components, door hardware and parts associated with a locking and/or a door opening function.